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Nutrition (Essay Sample)


the task involved writing on Nutrition the importance of reugalr nutrients in meals especially

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A third of both children between 5 and 10 years old and adolescents do not take breakfast. Only 17% of adults do not take their breakfast. Reasons that were given for this was that mostly for older teens, were busy with their homework until late into the night, extracurricular activities at after school, some had part-time jobs. As they grow older they are more inclined to sleep late into the night too such that when they wake up in the following day, they are too tired or nauseated to eat breakfast.
RDA is also known as Recommended Daily Allowance. It is the selected essential nutrients intake that a normal healthy person is required to have to keep fit and safe. They are based on scientific knowledge which have been presented by the Food and Nutrition Board committee of the National Academy of Sciences (Danielsson 2011). For school-age children, a minimum of ¼ of the Recommended Dietary Allowances (RDA) is required. Breakfast was likely to include solid foods with a caloric beverage which meant that it provided 12% and 18% of RDAs for energy. This energy intake was higher among children than it is for adults. The breakfast also provided 8-15% of proteins which was just like energy more by the children than by adults. 57% of adults consume low-energy breakfasts but only 40% of children and adolescents do, while in the medium it is the children and adolescents who consume more than the adults. They take 49% while the adults take 34%. 9% of adults consume high-energy breakfasts as children and adolescents take up to 11%.
Vitamins are contributed differently as there are several vitamins...
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