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Case study. Sociological consideration.Health, Medicine, Nursing Essay (Essay Sample)


critically analyze the case study and provide the psychological considerations for the case


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Case study
A case study about a patient whom I attended on my first clinical placement training. After that, I've attended to her several times. The patient is a 44 years old female who has four children, living in a rented house. The firstborn being a girl of 20 years and the other 3 are young school-age children. The patient had a partner who was a breadwinner, but he left the family six months ago, thus making the mother struggle with finances and bills payments while raising the children alone. The mother was left depressed, and she ended up starting to drink alcohol in response to deal with her depression. On several occasion, the lady had been taken to hospital due to intoxication
In the evening, as her daughter arrived home, she found her mother lying unconsciously on the floor. She attempted to wake her up several times but in vain. She decided to call an ambulance. When we arrived there, the daughter appeared to be so anxious since there was no one to help them. The house was untidy, with piles of clothes on the floor, sink full of dirty dishes and lots of clutter.
On attending to the lady, we were able to awaken her up and assisted her to the seat. Upon gaining full consciousness, she angrily stated that she did not want us there and further insisted that she didn't wish to help. This made her daughter so bitter that she left the scene and went to a room upstairs. The situation was worse for the mother that she became more upset, and she thought of drinking more after pouring another drink to a glass on the table. She finally said that there was no point of living anymore; instead she said she wants to die. Therefore, a strong relationship exists between sociological and physiological issues
Sociological consideration
Human life is such a dynamic entity that lacks identical unitary responses. As a result, any impact on the usual routine on a given individual or rather an entire cultural group can lead to shifts in their daily routines. The case study of a 44-year-old woman is a perfect illustration of significant changes in the social interactions between two individuals and how it affects an entire society. While the decision by her partner could appear like a personal decision, it ended up affecting the whole family tree.

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