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Executive summary Health, Medicine, Nursing Essay Paper (Essay Sample)


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Executive summary
Companies that deal with a lot of supplies often need a good supply chain management team. This department is usually responsible for overseeing the transportation of the company’s products across the supply chain. This department can be useful to a company by earning it revenues or a liability by incurring a lot of expenses. A good means of transportation is important in ensuring the company earns maximum revenue. Compact Bike Company(CBC) is such a company involved in a lot of shipping and supplying. As such they have had to employ several means in shipping of their products. In an attempt to explore more opportunities in the shipping industry they came across a number of options. This report seeks to explore these options and provide suitable solutions. The company intends to employ use of milk run TL services instead of LTL in shipping their products. Milk run TL services proves to be more profitable to the company and should be employed. It again aims at investing in electronic retailing business and using air courier services as a mode of transportation. This is an initiative that would greatly impact the company’s revenues. Load brokerage is another service that would be of great value to this company in shipping their products and expanding their territory. This reports looks into all this in details exploring the benefits and demerits of each option.
Supply chain management is a very important department to any company or oeganisation. It is involved in the strategic planning and implementation of transporting products and services in a supply chain. A supply chain is a set of individuals or organizations involved in the manufacture and distribution of products and services. (Christopher 2016). It involves transportation of raw materials to the manufacturers and final products to the consumers. The supply chain management is responsible for overseeing all the activities involved in the movement of these products across the supply chain. This department can be profitable to the company if the services are efficiently carried out through the most appropriate means or can be detrimental to a company by exerting extra expenses. Proper management of the supply chain is key to increased revenues of a company, a decrease in cost and a good general view of the company businesswise (Mentzer et al., 2014).

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