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Health, Medicine, Nursing
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Investigating Supposed Health Product Called Protazen Medicine Essay (Essay Sample)


Investigating Supposed Health Product Called Protazen


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Investigating Supposed Health Product Called Protazen
Initial research on the effects of Protazen to the health of human beings have brought mixed reactions. This paper seeks to identify and test the level of the effects of the supplement to people from all ages, gender and health status. Protazen is a brand that comprises natural supplements that are of great use in the improvement of sleep, focus, energy as well as an individual’s mood ("Protazen® – Mental Health & Emotional Wellness Supplements").To test the genuineness of these claims. The paper comprised of different people starting from pregnant mothers, children and adults who were ready to share their experiences on the medicine. The reason for selecting a sample group of the population is to get a figure that is more real and easy to work with. It is worthwhile noting that protazen is a pseudoscience medicine and this implies why a scientific method is the best one to use. The scientific method entails the process in which psychologists gain adequate knowledge relating to the people’s behavior as well as their minds. This method entails five steps: the observation of some phenomenon, the formulation of a hypothesis, carrying out a test mainly through empirical research, drawing conclusions from the research and lastly evaluating the conclusions.

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