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American Civil War And The Role Played By The National Government (Essay Sample)


Write a 2-page (600 words) essay on the topic "The American Civil War 1861-1865" explaining:
why the development of a strong central national government was so important after the Civil War;
why it was so necessary for the development of the nation
what were the reasons and outcomes.
Cite outside information. Two scholarly sources should be incorporated in the body of the paper and included in the Works Cited page. A failure to cite outside information equals to plagiarism that results in a failed assignment.
Use MLA formatting style.


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The American Civil War and the Role Played by the National Government
The American Civil War was fought from the spring of 1861 to the summer of 1865. The war claimed approximately 620,000 men, who died fighting for what they believed in. The men that gave their lives accomplished what no legislation or politician could. They reconstituted the principles that the United States was founded upon. The soldier’s deep interest in their country and the political events that shaped it surprised men from “professional” armies.
The Civil War addressed three fundamental questions that the revolution failed to resolve. One was whether the US was meant to remain a confederation of sovereign states that could possibly be dissolved, or two, to become an indivisible nation with a national government, and three, whether the US would remain the world’s largest shareholder of slave trade practices. There existed compromising differences between the slave states and Free states over the move by the powers of the National Government to abolish slave trade (Clark 143). 

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