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United States Civil War (Essay Sample)


The paper talks about the causes of civil war in America.

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United States Civil War
The civil war was unavoidable, and it was caused by numerous events that pitted the South and North societies. The differences between the South and the North politics and ideologies were what inevitably led to the civil war. After independence, there were sharp differences in the economies of the North and South and there was also a massive migration of black slaves and white Americans into the independent state (Foner 24). The South by 1830 was the chief producer of cotton, which was one of the major American exports. Cotton was a mainly grown in plantations in the South and this necessitated the use of slave labor. Slaves were needed to work in the cotton farms, harvest the cotton and operate the cotton gins. This resulted in an influx of slaves in the South and their population soared with time. On the other hand, the North was mainly industrial and labor was provided by the many immigrants who had moved to the United States from Europe in the period of 1790 to 1860 (Foner 24). The North had no use for slave labor and was deeply opposed to its use in the South. Although there were many factors that led to the civil war, this paper will look at the five key events that happened between 1840 and 1860 and made the civil war inevitable. It will also give a personal opinion on the key factor that eventually led to the civil war.
Release of Uncle Tom’s Cabin
This was a book written by Harriet Beecher in 1852, an abolitionist. The main purpose of this book was to illustrate the evils of slavery. The book was based on a story of a slave by the name Tom, who was harshly treated by his master Simon Legree (McNeese 36). The book brought out the cruelty of the master and the great suffering that Tom went through as a slave. This book created awareness on the reality of slavery and received massive support by the North abolitionists. This tragic story convinced the northerners that slavery was cruel and there was great need to abolish it. The southerners on the other hand, felt that slavery was a constitutional right and the northerners were trying to interfere with it.
Kansas-Nebraska Act
This Act was passed on May 30, 1854 by the US congress (Freehling 61). It permitted residents in the Nebraska and Kansas territories to choose whether to permit or prohibit slavery in the two states. This Act would lead to repealing of the Missouri Compromise of 1820 that forbid slavery on the north of latitude 36°30´. Many northerners were infuriated by the Kansas-Nebraska Act, as they upheld the Missouri Compromise as the only binding agreement. The Act received massive support in the South. After the passing of the Kansas-Nebraska Act, many anti-slavery and pro-slavery supporters moved into Kansas with an aim of affecting the outcome of the election (Freehling 61). Pro-slavery supporters won the elections, although the anti-slavery supporters shunned the results citing fraud. Anti-slavery supporters called for another election that was snubbed by the pro-slavery supporters. This led to Kansas territory having two opposing legislatures and violence inevitably erupted. John Brown led the anti-slavery troops, culminating in many deaths and the territory was nicknamed, “Bleeding Kansas” (Freehling 64). President Pierce, who supported the pro-slavery settlers, dispatched the Federal troops to dismantle the anti-slavery administration. Another election was called and the pro-slavery won again, although the results were nullified ...
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