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American History; Congress
The first congress was founded in 1789-1791, and this is where the future of every congress that has been there being the beginning. It was formed to pass bills, bring up ways to provide money needed for essential things, and enhance the rights of passing bills and establishing financial laws (Lindley 567). For many centuries the congress has been there and has played a significant role in the government. The US congress's activities influence the lives of every person in one way or another. Every decision and action the congress makes an impact on the government and every individual. Politics comes with a struggle, a struggle for voices to be heard and decisions to be made for the progress of every nation. Congress has had its share of struggles in politics since making policies and enacting. The making up of the congress consists of the house and the senate, where each of this two has significant roles in carrying out.
Congress has roles that include making laws, carrying out the rules, and evaluating the laws. Understanding what congress means to the whole world is critical since the functions of congress influence our daily lives. Congress holds excellent power over the world as a whole. It stands as a representation of the voices of Americans. Congress provides and sees through the money expenditure of people, and it’s also directly elected by the public. It also has the power to declare war, which it has done in eleven situations (Mathew 78). For the passing of significant bills, congress has as good votes and passed essential bills s

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