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Andrew Jackson Presidency History Essay Research Paper (Essay Sample)


just follow the directions carefully and you have to use the book as a source and its called a narrative history by David emory Shi


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Andrew Jackson Presidency
As the seventh president of the United States, he served from 1829-37; Andrew Jackson's presidency drawn the line between the American government started by the Founding Fathers and the future administration. The reforms he implemented expanded the rights of some Americans, especially white men, but his policies failed to improve the lives of women or Black Americans. Jackson’s presidency coincided with the religious social movement called the Second Great Awakening that had an enormous influence on the population's values and beliefs. As America’s first frontier leader, Jackson’s election marked the point of change in the nation’s political paradigm, shifting the focus of political power from East to West.
Politically, Jackson’s era led to the emergence of the Federalists and the Democrats-Republicans as two political factions. The rising democracy centered on the belief in the rights alongside the common American's potential as the overriding theme in the 1820s and 1830s. Jackson embedded his political ideals on the concepts of self-reliance, individualism, equality, courage, and financial spirit (Deciancio 7). As Tindall and Shi write, the founding fathers' concern was the upper class founded on a republican government structure that was altered by a reckoning obligation to broadening the socioeconomic and political openings of ordinary American citizens. Jackson’s administration typified this trend in the country’s political landscape. The extension of voting rights by eradicating property qualifications coupled with the emergence of the national political represent an example of the new democratic disposition. The formation of the Democratic Party ascended to make use of the new egalitarian essence of the country. The forerunners of labor unions and workingmen’s groups further sprung up to obtain an insightful appreciation of ordinary citizens' needs. Jackson’s political ideology also gave birth to the need for an educated citizenry that prompted the campaign for free public schools and the eventual increase in literacy levels.

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