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Slavery and abolitionism History Essay Research Paper (Essay Sample)


explaining Why and how abolitionism begun in the United States. Discussing some of the major people, organizations, and contrasting ideas


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Slavery and abolitionism 
1. Why and how did abolitionism begin in the United States? Discuss some of the major people, organizations, and contrasting ideas.
The abolition movements, also called abolitionism, took place between 1783 and 1888 in the Americas and Europe. Abolitionism campaigns chiefly created the emotional climate that led to the end of chattel slavery and the transatlantic slave trade. Despite the inhumanity and brutality of slavery, it provoked little opposition until the early 18th century. Enlighten rationalist thinkers started to lambast the practice due to its violation of human rights. Elsewhere religious groups began to condemn slavery as it violated Christian values. As campaigns continued against slavery, its ethical dislike became widespread. Antislavery campaigners succeeded in several deceptively legal decisions against slavery. In 1772 British antislavery reformers secured a legal act prohibiting West Indian planters from owning slaves in Britain as it was contrary to the English constitution. 

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