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Bob Marley, the Musical Legend History Essay Paper (Essay Sample)


The essay was about the influence of any legend to society.


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Bob Marley, the Musical Legend
Bob Marley is more than just a musician who brought hits songs such as The Redemption and One Love; he is a legend. He brought into the world a perception, an image, and an ideology along with his music. The meditative aspects of Rastafarianism, represented by green, gold, and red colors, as well as his message of grace, love, and wisdom, has lived on 30 years after his passing. His influence was not limited to making music for entertainment only. Marley made the Rastafarian faith be a global ideology and used his music to fight not only social justices but also promote global peace.
Marley’s music promoted Reggae and Rastafarianism to be a global phenomenon. Through his music, Rastafarian faith has been reshaped to a philosophy beyond the borders of Jamaica, but to a global ideology associated with peace, love, and unity (Dawes 12). The Rastafarian phenomenon began in the 1930s, a time when racial inequality was at its peak, in response to Jamaican nationalist Marcus Garvey, who asserted that Africans in the diaspora should look to Africa, a continent that would crown a black king (Knorzer 1159). 

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