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Strategies Used By Bush and Obama in Presidential Discretion and Prerogative (Essay Sample)


Strategies Used By Bush and Obama in Presidential Discretion and Prerogative


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Strategies Used By Bush and Obama in Presidential Discretion and Prerogative
Just like other previous presidents, Obama was mainly using presidential signing statements to oppose constitutional enactments (Garvey 7). The statements enabled him to pronounce administration enactment it considers unclear. Obama signed of statements to oppose congressional implemented restriction on presidential discretion linked to people held at Guantanamo Bay detention centre. However, Obama relied on the advice from the attorney general to avoid a constitutional crisis when signing statements.
Unlike the Obama administration, Bush utilized the signing of statements to uphold sole presidential authority over his administration. Bush administration consistently rejects congregational enactment citing that specific provisions violate the authority of the president to enhance supervision of the unitary executives. However, the Obama administration never gave provisions to exert control over the executive (Garvey 13). In fact, Obama decline provision fronted by the department of defense, stating that it would interfere with his authority. The Bush administration also used torture and waterboarding when questioning criminals and terrorists suspect stationed at Guantánamo Bay.

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