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Question Four: Why Reconstruction Failed History Essay Research Paper (Essay Sample)


Choose one of the following questions to answer:
1. What was radical Reconstruction? Was it radical?
2. Did Reconstruction address the problems of race? Explain.
3. What the most important historical legacy of Reconstruction?
4. Did Reconstruction fail? Why or why not?


Question Four—Why Reconstruction Failed
Reconstruction refers to the period between 1865 and1877 after the American Civil War ended. It was marked by attempts to redress disparities of slavery, primarily social, economic, and political legacy. Proponents of reconstruction wanted to find solutions to the problem of readmission of 11 states that seceded from the Union (Foner 13). While reconstruction was seen as an excellent move to unite Americans, it failed because of economic, racial, and political reasons.
Lack of political support implied that reconstruction could not resolve deep standing racial integration issues. For instance, it failed to uphold the civil liberties of the newly freed slaves. The administration was unwilling to readmit the rebel states that had earlier walked away from the Union (Foner 25). The federal government was unequivocal regarding how it could quell the political and racial tensions in a divided nation. Instead of fighting the prejudice of white supremacy in the South,

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