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James K Polk: The Greatest President of the 19th Century History Essay (Essay Sample)


who in your view was the greatest American president of the 19th century?


James K Polk: The Greatest President of the 19th Century
James K Polk is, without doubt, the greatest president of the 19th century because he accomplished so much in a short duration of time. In a single term that spanned between 1845 and 1849, his ambitious foreign policy saw the expansion of the United States territory by up to a third. Besides, he led a successful war against Mexico and achieved all the goals his presidency aimed to achieve.
James K Polk was, without doubt, an accomplished congressman who served from 1825 to 1839 at a time when President Jackson was knee-deep in the Bank War (Seigenthaler 49). James K Polk's contributions were essential, and they played a massive role in ensuring the national bank failed to re-charter. It is important to note that he remains the only president to have served as Speaker of the House of representatives.

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