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Jewish American Experience History Essay Research Paper (Essay Sample)


Jewish American Experience


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Jewish American Experience
Prejudice refers to negative attitudes that an individual has based on stereotypes and opinions rather than evidence. Prejudice incorporates stereotyped beliefs, negative feelings, and discrimination tendencies against certain marginalized groups. In society, all port’s scale is used to measure bias. The prejudice ladder has five essential stages (Abrams, page 19). Antilocution refers to a situation where the majority make jokes; for example, hate speech over the minority groups. Avoidance is the second rung where the marginalized group is avoided or isolated by the majority. On the next stage, the minorities are denied or discriminated against on receiving services and opportunities, hence, activating prejudice actions such as specific goals to harm. Under rung four, the majority physically attack or vandalize the minor groups by burning properties and violent attacks on the individuals. Last, the majority seek to exterminate minors by trying to liquidate the entire group.

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