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Nut Turner's Rebellion History Essay Research Paper (Essay Sample)


The instructions asked to choose a historical Movement/rebellion between 1810 and 1860 with emphasis on the following areas: Explanation of the selected rebellion, how the revolt began, the reason (s) for selecting The rebellion, impact of the rebellion, and its significance to scholarship . The sample is about NUT Turner's rebellion (SOUTHAMPTON insurrection).


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Nat Turner's Rebellion
Nat Turner’s rebellion was a slave rebellion that occurred in Southampton County, Virginia, in August 1831(Drexler-Dreis, 5). The uprising was led by Nathaniel ''Nat'' Turner, an enslaved African-American preacher who vehemently opposed the act of slavery. Born on Benjamin Turner’s Virginia plantation, Nat got a rare opportunity of learning how to read, write, and study the Bible(Aptheker, 11). He developed a strong relationship with God and believed that God had sent him to free the slaves. Turner was later convinced by the solar eclipse that the time had come to free others from slavery, which made him plan an insurrection together with his supporters.
On August 21, 1831, Turner and his supporters began a revolt against white oppressors with the killing of the Travis family, the slave owners to secure arms and horses(French, 41). He mobilized more enslaved African-Americans in the insurrection that led to the murder of more than 51 white people (French, 42. Afterward, Turner and most of his co-conspirators hid but were caught and sentenced to death by hanging. While Turner was in hiding, the White mob took their revenge of African-Americans of Southampton Country. At least 100 black people were slaughtered after the rebellion(Drexler-Dreis, 121). Although the slaves were defeated in the war, they succeeded in passing their message of freedom.
The reasons for selecting Turner's rebellion include the following: it was one of the bloodiest revolts in American history; it imparted fear on the white slaves. It led to the begging of the Civil War. The rebellion mainly began because the slaves had the feeling of exploitation brought to them by the white people. As such, they collaborated to fight for their freedom. Interestingly, the event instilled a culture of fear not only in Virginia but also in other parts of Southern America.

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