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A Biography Of A Nobel Prize Winner Writer John Ernst Steinbeck (Essay Sample)


The task was about covering john steinbeck's biography.


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John Steinbeck's Biography
John Ernst Steinbeck (27th Feb 1902) was born in Salinas, California. His family belonged to the German immigrants living in small rural towns of California. Just like any other person, he received a modest and comfortable upbringing. John Steinbeck became famous for his novel Of Mice and Men, The Grapes of Wrath, and the East of Eden among other several books (Pettinger). The talented writer has done more than 16 novels through linking them up summing into a total of more than 27 publications. As a Nobel Prize winner, Steinbeck took much of his time to achieve the success seen in his life, though difficulties emerged along the way but did not hamper his determinations. Most of his works take the setting of California where he was born and raised. He developed an inspiring character after interacting with multiple persons and characters in his daily life. More specifically, some of his friends were influential, an example being Ed Rickets (The Editors of Encyclopaedia). His first successful book was Tortilla Flat from which then, his literary work achieved success after being famous. Based on the tones of his books, he novels have been subject to controversy with some being discouraged from use in schools for making use of obscene language. In the latest years, 20th century, the author's works have been banned most of the times around the world. Most of his holidays were spent working in ranches as a harvester so that he could earn some money (The While working at the farms, he gained insights about the plights of migrant workers; his experiences thus contributed to materials that were seen used in some of his greatest works.
Childhood and early life
John Steinbeck's mother was Olive Hamilton, and his father was John. His father worked in the Salinas Municipality at Monterey County in California. His father also worked as a government treasurer for the same county. As a young child, he was raised as an Episcopal Christian but later turned out to be a sceptic. The rural areas he grew it became the backbone and played some of the most critical roles in literary works that he would later do in life
He received his education at Salinas High School which he completed in 1919 before proceeding to Stanford for higher learning to do a degree in Literature. Despite spending five good years in the institution, he still left without a degree. After 1925, he left his learning institution and moved to New York where he wanted to be a writer; he, therefore, resorted to running small errands for survival. Since he was unable to secure a career for himself after failing to complete his education, he resorted to menial jobs for survival. He got so discouraged that he returned to California in 1928 where he would secure a job as a caretaker (The He had failed to find a job s a writer and started guiding tourists, at the same time being a mannequin manufacturer. It is during the period when the global economic crisis emerged and was characterized by The Great Depression. During the time, he was a struggling man to make a living both for himself and the family Working full time,, he managed t0 secure some time to publish his first book in 1929, Cup of Gold (Pettinger). A few years afterward, he receives a financial aid from his father that enabled him to quit his full-time job. He had a lot of time and therefore devoted much of his time to writing from his father's cottage.
In 1930, he came across a writer specializing in marine biology, and they developed a close friendship. He was instrumental in modeling multiple characters in John Steinbeck.
John Steinbeck's books
In his entire writing career, Steinbeck managed to write 31 books in total with the most popular being Of Mice and Men in 1937, East of Eden in 1952, and Grapes of Wrath (Biography). After doing Grapes of Wrath which was the best-selling book by then, Steinbeck went to Mexico to have some experience with a freelance biologist Edward F.; the two joined hands in writing Sea of Cortez published in 1941. His writing was not limited to one subject, and he wrote on different issues including pieces on propaganda during the Second World War. The last pieces of writings he did were about the experiences he had while touring across the United States. Later, he was interspersed with conscientious attempts of asserting himself as a novelist. The critical opinion l his later writings were seen not to equal his earlier achievements. East of Eden was done as an ambitious story focusing on two sons of a farmer, with its film being made later in 1955 (The Editors of Encyclopaedia Britannica). Other outstanding stories were done by Steinbeck between 1941 and 1952.
Most of his reputation is attributed to naturalistic novels having proletarian themes that he wrote in the early 1930s. His books, mostly Of Mice and Men, and The Grapes of Wrath captured the cost of Great Depression. For example, The Grapes of Wrath provided a discussion of social, economic and cultural implications of the movement. The book also gave focus to low-income family tenants who face difficulties during the beginning of the Great Depression. The literature also offers a sympathetic account of the experiences of migrant workers as a critical component of capitalism. In the same book, his subtle opinion on the politics of the world was also controversial. At some point, his book, The Grapes of Wrath was banned between 1939 and 1941since he was a loyal and active supporter of new deals by FDR, he also had a lasting relationship with writers labor unions (The Famous People). When he relocated to Vietnam in 1967, he had to write in support of the war which many people considered a challenge to the new liberal ideas. At the same time, he complained of government drafting measures to harass him. It's the time when he did works with the best symbolic structures through his attempts to communicate the archetypical qualities of his attributes as being effective.
Career life
Steinbeck started his career by bringing a debut novel name Cup of Gold in 1929. The book wasn't famous since it was not received well by readers within the country. In 1932, he published a book going buy the name The Pastures

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