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The History of Mathematics - Hua Loo-Keng. History Essay (Essay Sample)


Research on The History of Mathematics – Hua Loo-Keng.


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The History of Mathematics – Hua Loo-Keng.
1 Thesis statement.
Hua Loo-Keng is a famous Chinese mathematician who vehemently contributed in growth and development of mathematical formulae, figures and structures used in today’s learning setting. This report gives a detailed biography on Hua Loo-Keng’s life contributions on mathematics, his successful research achievements on mathematics and, reasons he is considered world’s greatest mathematician including the achievements he made. The report study on Hua Luogeng’s life gives motivation to students pursuing mathematical sciences related courses. The introduction paragraph presents Hua Loo-Keng’s country of origin, institution that molded his education and why he was so passionate about mathematics. His contribution to mathematics describes research and analysis on various mathematical sciences structures. The positive effects of his contribution in mathematical research is discussed in the achievements paragraph. Finally the conclusion part lays out lessons learnt from the mathematician’s personal and research life.

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