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The Purpose of Stonehenge (Essay Sample)


The task in this sample was to give an account of stonehenge's history. its history dates to 4500 years back. stonehenge is illustrated as consisting of ring of rocks. however, there are various theories that seek to explain how it became to being. above all, reaserch has it that its reason was purpoted to be religious.


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The Purpose of Stonehenge
Stonehenge is a ring or rocks planted on Salisbury Plain in England. It is an old circle of rocks erected around 4500 years ago. The megalithic structure is about 320 feet wide. The creators made it out of rings of rocks that date back to 3000 BCE (Grinsell, 1976, 19). The first ring is Bluestone graphite, while the other is Sarsen. There is a lot of different theories on why the stones were made. This paper gives different theories for Stonehenge's creation. However, it proposes that the main agenda for its creation was religious.
The original theory for its creation was that druids magically moved the stones into place. Merlin, a mythological warlock of England's mythical legends, was purported to transport the stones. However, the theory has since been refuted because people have largely stopped believing in the Druid mythology. Since then, other theories have cropped up. For example, there is a hypothesis that 

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