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Starus Of Freedom (Essay Sample)


The task was to to determine whether freedom in Africa and the rest of the world was given willingly or taken forcefully from the oppressors by the oppressed. This sample argues and provides evidence that freedom was taken forcefully from the oppressors by the oppressed by providing evidence from texts that contain information on colonialism in Africa and the rest of the world.

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Status of freedom
Freedom in its raw sense refers to the ability to choose, the power to do whatever one needs to or feels like doing, the inert potential of discretion on whatever subject, topic or matter that comes by. This essay is going to provide a detailed and analytical argument of how people gained freedom. Is it through voluntary will by the oppressor or through demand by the oppressed?
The onus of the yearning for freedom is oppression and suppression of the rights that ought to be given naturally to every human being. History gives us an interesting story as it reveals to us how freedom is curtailed and gained.
Countries, which were colonies, and assimilate in Africa are the first references in this scenario. The colonizers brought restriction, ways, which were against, and absurd to the culture and ways of life. Invasion of land by the colonizers who were superior as well as economically empowered put the freedom at bay, which resulted to upsurge and rebellions from the locals. Brutal deaths of many locals, as well as foreigners losing their lives occasioned this retaliation. The consequences were not worth referring to in this case, how the punitive expeditions were executed. Africa is rich in such history; the apartheid regime in South Africa, the rebellions in East Africa the Assimilation in West Africa (Paulo, Ramos 127).
The second scenario is of other areas of the world as the U.S.A who fought for their independence from the British (Douglas 17). In this context, reference is to the war in the year 1812 or what some historians in the United States call the “Second war of Independence” (Douglas 20). All these portray the sacrifice by which the oppressed pu...
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