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The Racism and How It Has Changed in US History Essay (Essay Sample)


The task was to give a detailed chronological order of racism in the United States. The sample paper discusses the influence of racism on political and socio-cultural changes in the country.


The racist and how it has changed in US
In 1865, the thirteenth amendment was enacted immediately after the infamous American Civil War. African-American Civil Rights Movement was also established for eliminating racial discrimination especially against people from African origins. These post-Civil war reforms also aimed at increasing employment opportunities, education and giving African American the right to participate in the electoral process (Dudziak, 47). Thus, tremendous changes were experienced in the wake of 1865 in favor of Black community. The year was marked by two major events that shaped the history of African Americans. The Thirteenth Amendment has previously abolished slavery but was ratified to enforce Emancipation Proclamation that recognized June 19, 1865, as an American holiday to commemorate the abolition of slavery in Texas State. The day was characterized by local celebrations that include rodeos, parades, family reunions, cookouts and park parties. The day was also known as Freedman Day and marked the beginning of the new lives of immigrants in the United States. This paper, therefore, discusses the changes relating to racism in the United States since 1865.

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