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The Role of Molecular Biology in Evolutionary Classification (Essay Sample)


Please write a 500 words essay on one of the following topics:
 1) The Industrial Revolution's effect on social class
Format the paper according to an MLA, APA, Chicago or Harvard style. In-text citations, as well as a Works Cited page (References/Bibliography/Reference list), are also required.
The paper wants the writer to talk about how the industrial revolution impacted the social class


The Role of Molecular Biology in Evolutionary Classification
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The Role of Molecular Biology in Evolutionary Classification
The geographic distribution of living organisms on earth shows some complex traits that are best explained through evolution. The great diversification of some organisms shows isolation, while the abundance of some species shows closeness. Over time, some organisms have become extinct as others increase their dominance. The evolution concept, through many theories, explains such changes over time. In more detail, molecular biology explains the structural components and DNA changes that explain evolutionary classification in-depth. Based on the molecular biology-DNA connection, the influence of DNA and molecular biology on the future of evolutionary classification will be more profound. Dominant areas include DNA replication and expression, explanation of the mechanisms of evolution, and DNA chemistry for common ancestry.
On DNA replication and expression, molecular structures of life resemble anatomical structures in reflecting descent with modification. Kampourakis and Uller (2020) explained that the universality of DNA as the genetic material proves the presence of a common ancestor. Regarding evolutionary classification, the universality of the genetic code provides the foundation of DNA replication and expression. In this case, the fundamental divisions in life will influence further evolutionary classifications based on the changes of foundation components such as ribosomes (Meadows et al., 2020). Molecular biology also shows that structures of conservative structures such as membranes will also evolve. As DNA replication and expression take new forms, more evolutionary classifications will continue occurring.
The influence of DNA and molecular biology on the future of evolutionary classification will also be realized by providing evolution mechanisms. Far from DNA replication and expression, the relatedness of the various organisms becomes clear in the similarity of the organisms’ DNA sequences (Meadows et al., 2020). As a result, patterns expected from descent and diversifications are better demonstrated, helping to establish the foundation of more evolutionary classes. In this case, it is justified to deduce that DNA sequences provide a better explanation of the mechanisms of evolution. It shows the evolution of new functions of proteins and critical events such as gene duplication. In evolutionary processes, such duplication processes are the genesis of evolutionary features such as mutation, selection, and drift.
Molecular biology and DNA also provide excellent evidence of common ancestry. From a biological viewpoint, comparing the sequences of DNA nucleotides of organisms reveals their remarkable similarities. Starr et al. (2020) observed that human DNA sequences resemble chimpanzee’s DNA by over 98% similarity index. Such similarities accurately reflect similar metabolisms. As a result, critical processes based on DNA sequencing can be connected, including protein synthesis and cellular respiration. Such

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