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The True Cause of the Civil War: State Rights or Slavery? (Essay Sample)


Please write a 550 words essay on one of the following topics:
1) The true cause of the Civil War: State rights or Slavery?
2) Is Globalization a benefit or disadvantage to the international system? Answer the following questions: Has Globalization contributed to increased or decreased security in the international system? Can globalization interfere with the efforts of a state (
3) Differences and Similarities of Civilian and Military in Leadership and Management


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The Main Cause of Civil War
One of the most remembered events in American history is the Civil War. The war was between the Southern and the Northern States from 1861 to 1865 (Aryal 59). The battle was one of the deadliest in American history, claiming more than 600 000 lives (Selby 260). One hundred years later, people still debate over what could have caused the Civil War. Some contend that the Northern and Southern states fought over state rights, while others claim that slavery was the primary cause. Regardless, history seems to favor slavery as the primary cause. Several records on the declaration of Secession show that slavery was a significant cause of the Civil War, as the Southern States fought to keep slave labor from their cotton fields while the North called for the abolition of slavery.
Slavery was the primary source of the Southern States' fears regarding state rights, as articulated by their Confederate States. The Southern States specifically rejected the Northern States' right to allow enslaved people to flee to seek refuge. According to

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