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The task was to give an overview of how cloud computing has developed over the years and how it has helped computer users to solve issues with storage and virtual management. So, the main purpose of this sample paper was to give a clear argument on the use of cloud computing and its impacts on society. source..
Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Number Date CLOUD COMPUTING Cloud computing is a technological innovation that depends on shared resources delivered over the internet. The advancement has enabled the provision of a shared pool of configurable computing resources. Generally, cloud computing has transformed how individuals and companies store and access data. Various technological developments made cloud computing possible and its ongoing effects on society. Nonetheless, such resources as servers, storage, networks, software, and networking services can be run and stored without concern for the amount of storage space available. However, other technologies had to be created and refined before cloud computing became a reality. For instance, virtual machines were made possible because of virtualization technology and software-based reproductions of actual computers. With this software, cloud computing providers could run several virtual machines on a single physical server, offering accessible and affordable computing capacity to a sizable user base (Furht and Escalante 17). The use of cloud computing has significantly altered how people work, live, and communicate (Furht and Escalante 36). For instance, it has enabled companies of all sizes to use potent computational devices and technologies, like data analytics, customer relations management, and corporate resource planning, without spending money on pricy gear and software. Small firms and startups now have an equitable playing field and may compete with established businesses on an equal basis. Additionally, cloud computing has simplified the process of accessing and sharing files and data from whatever device, anywhere around the globe. Cloud computing is good as more people and businesses can now access and use technology in noble and creative ways; the changes brought about by cloud technology are commonly perceived as favorable because of the simplicity at workplaces. There are, never...
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