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Analyzing the Case Against Bubba Hurt (Essay Sample)


Case Number: 1111111
Date: August 13, 2016
Reporting Officer: Colt Winchester
Incident Type: Crime Against the Person
Address of Occurrence: 111 Felony Drive, Happy Town, GA 15486
Alan Skittles: Store owner. Male, 43, Latino
Michael Smith: Employee. Male, 21, African American
Andrea Sianturi: Customer. Female, 27, Asian American
Weapon or Objects Used: Umbrella or Shoe
On August 13, 2016, at approximately 20:43, officers responded to 111 Felony Drive in regard to a white male bleeding from his face. The victim, Samuel Clark, was friends with a female, Summer Breeze who lived at 111 Misdemeanor Lane. Mr. Clark was walking to Ms. Breeze’s residence approximately one block east of Mr. Clark’s residence. As Samuel Clark turned the corner, he observed two white men approaching him. A witness, Alan Skittles, identified the two men as Bubba Hurt and Skeeter Redrum. Both Bubba Hurt and Skeeter Redrum began yelling at Samuel Clark for him to leave Summer Breeze alone and that it was the "last time he put his hands on her." It began to rain, so Samuel Clark opened his umbrella and continued to walk north on Felony Drive. Bubba Hurt shoved Samuel Clark from behind, causing Samuel Clark to fall to the sidewalk. When Samuel Clark began to pick himself up from the sidewalk, Skeeter Redrum kicked Samuel Clark in the face causing Samuel Clark to fall onto the street. While Samuel Clark was lying on his back in the street, Bubba Hurt began to kick Samuel Clark. In response, Samuel Clark grabbed his umbrella and swung, hitting Bubba Hurt in his eye. As Samuel Clark stood up, Summer Breeze hit Samuel Clark in the side of his head with her shoe rendering Samuel Clark unconscious. A witness to the incident contacted 911 to respond. Samuel Clark and Bubba Hurt were taken into custody and transported to the hospital. Summer Breeze and Skeeter Redrum were taken into custody and transported to the Police Headquarters. Bubba Hurt died at the hospital, and Samuel Clark suffered a permanent brain injury.
To complete this assignment, act as the District Attorney and complete the following:
Determine what charges, if any, for all four individuals involved in this incident.
Provide definitions of simple assault, aggravated assault, or aggravated battery.
Describe your knowledge regarding self-defense.


Student’s Name:
Instructor’s Name:
Assault Performance Task
As the District Attorney defending Samuel Clark according to Case Number: 1111111, the following people will be charged separately for aggravated assault, aggravated battery, and simple assault based on their actions in the incident that happened on August 13, 2016: Bubba Hurt, Skeeter Redrum, and Summer Breeze. On this date at approximately 20:43, officers responded to an incident involving a white male whose face was bleeding after an attack. The incident happened in 111 Felony Drive and the following people are the witnesses: A Latino store owner called Alan Skittles: 43 year old Male. The second witness is an African American employee by the name Michael Smith: 21 year old Male, and the third witness is an Asian American customer, Andrea Sianturi: 27 year old female. An umbrella and a shoe are the objects used as weapons in the scene. Based on the information gathered from the witnesses, Bubba Hurt, Skeeter Redrum, and Summer Breeze will be charged separately according to how they contributed in the incident.
Case against Bubba Hurt
According to the information gathered from the witnesses, Bubba Hurt and Skeeter Redrum threatened Samuel Clark by telling him that it was the last time that he will lay hands on her. Based on my experience and knowledge, Bubba Hurt should first be charged for aggravated assault. According to the legal presumptions, aggravated assault is the act of inflicting fear to someone regardless of physical harm caused. Although Hurt did not physically harm Clark at that particular time, he should be charged for threatening him. Aggravated assault is divided into four degrees to simplify how various offences can be charged. According to Hurt’s actions, the fourth degree of assault applies. This degree applies to minor threats of harm to the victim. The fourth degree of aggravated assault should be charged on Bubba Hurt because together with Skeeter Redrum, they threatened Samuel Clark that it will be the last time to lay hands on Summer Breeze.
Simple assault is the second charge on Bubba Hurt. The witnesses claim that Hurt shoved Samuel Clark making him to fall. According to Title 16 of Georgia Criminal code, simple assault is committed when a person attempts to inflict a violent injury to another person. The person who commits such an act is guilty of misdemeanor. This act does not have to involve physical touching to be charged as a violation of the law. The threatening words that Hurt told Clark is enough to charge him for simple assault. The penalty for misdemeanor includes a jail term of one year, a maximum fine of $1000, restitution, and probation. However, if the charge is elevated to an act of aggravated or high misdemeanor, the penalties might be increased to fines amounting to $5,000 and a jail term of one year. A high or aggravated misdemeanor should be charged on Hurt if his actions was based on domestic altercations. However, the reason why hurt contributed to this assault apart from protecting Summer Breeze is still unknown. Therefore, the charges on Hurt should not be elevated to high misdemeanor until further investigations are made concerning the reason why he attacked Clark.

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