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Criminak Justice (Essay Sample)


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Criminal Justice
Citation: 184 Okla. 239 Supreme Court of Oklahoma. CENTRAL STATES LIFE INS. CO. v. JORDAN. No. 28287. Jan. 17, 1939. Decided: 01/17/1939
Facts: Willa Mae Jordan, a widow, brought this suit before the District Court OF Cater County, Oklahoma. Central States Life Insurance Co. issues a policy of life insurance in favor of Jordan, who named his wife, Willa Mae Jordan, beneficiary. The widow argued that the company issued a policy of life insurance in favor of the deceased. After receiving the benefits due under the ordinary life insurance terms of the policy, the beneficiary claimed that the policy contained a ‘Double Indemnity in Event of Accidental Death’. Therefore; the company rejected the claim for the additional benefits based thereon by appealing a judgment in the beneficiary’s favor.
Issue: The primary question here, which attention must be directed, involves a construction of the double indemnity provision of the contract between in view of the facts of this case.
Previous history: the company contends that it is certain that the deceased died from the effects of the bacterial infection and disease; hence the benefits are not due. On the other hand, the beneficiary contends that such an interpretation of the language of the contract is not justified, and that the deceased died from infection or disease linked to the accident, which the benefits are due.
Holding: The two cases are that the jury was contributed to by a pre-existing disease, and where the accident followed by a direct and contributing factor to death.
Reasoning: without any exception, i...
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