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Illegal immigrants (Essay Sample)


Topic: Why illegal immigrants should not be granted a pathway to citizenship. In this sample, i have discussed the negatives of having illegal immigrants in the U.S and further expounded my argument why they should not be granted citizenship.

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Why illegal immigrants should not be granted a pathway to citizenship
Illegal immigrants are individuals who travelled into United States and live there illegally. They are referred to as illegal because they lack the proper documents or papers that allow them to reside in the United States. Path to citizenship is the idea that the United States government should grant citizenship to individual where live in United States provided that they complete the requirements. The current public Forum Bill has raised a lot of controversies on the question whether the illegal immigrants should be granted citizenship in United States. This is because, a small portion says yes while others oppose the path way for the illegal immigrants. In the latest research, more than 10 million have living in American have been identified to have illegally crossed the border or overstayed their visas in United States (Massey 473). Irrespective of the campaigns aired to engage the illegal immigrants, the requirements pose significant challenges to the uncertain economy and this means that the pathway to citizenship does not have any fixed meaning. Although, this act benefits the workforce in many informal companies, illegal immigrants should not be allowed a pathway to citizenship.
According to the recent research, the path to citizenship has faced many tugs from two groups of people existing in the United States of America, which are the Republicans and Democrats. However, a common knowledge confirmed by the academics, policy makers and data collection show that most illegal immigrants come to the United States to work. 94 percents of them illegal men aging from 18 to 64 take part in the workforce (Palme 53). Analysis by some groups of Republican show that these illegal individuals act as economic stimulus to the country’s unstable economy since their positive impact to the economy is well documented. Conversely, sources show that most of the people in the country’s low wage are the illegal immigrants an ant this means that a huge percentage of these individuals are toiling away in diminutive skill jobs and informal industries. This shows that these illegal immigrants spend years in extremely low or inconsistent pay and are automatically denied or disqualified for RPI status. As a result, illegal immigrants should not be given the pathway to citizenship because this has a significant challenge in today’s uncertain economy.
Providing pathway to citizenship, especially new pathways will encourage people to continue migrating illegally to the country in large numbers. Population will increase due to the increased migration as well as increased birth rates and make it impossible for the country to manage its population growth (Massey 475). This will be escalated by the fact that those illegal immigrants that have earned citizenship would sponsor those who do not have the honor of citizenship. However, this means that there are consequences in bringing 10 million illegal immigrants to the main stream (Anonymous 40). One of the consequences is increased demand on the public services that will fall hard on the states government. Costs, however, associated with criminal activity will also strain the government budgets since they have to be covered as true citizens of the country. As said earlier in this paper, most of the illegal immigrants work in low wages and unable to file tax returns mean that there is not likely to be any significant increase in tax revenue. Companies dealing particularly in the agricultural sector will often pay less due to the increased labor force hence providing jobs only for the interested. This has raised fears to the consumer cut back spending for the fear that they will loose their jobs to immigrants (Massey 479). This hence will cause deflation in the country due to less money available for the country to spend.
In a current resolution, a few people say that allowing illegal immigrants in the country and granting them citizenship means that there is a high boost in the high tech. this is because most of the illegal immigrants are skilled and that should be given the pathway to citizenship. However, a book, by the name ‘Immigrants wars’ written by George Bush shows that it is unnecessary to give illegal immigrants citizenship, but instead offer them a legal status. This will help discourage the myth that illegal immigrants will help in the skillful labor. Most of the arguments say that the 10million lack skills and this means that more illegal migration will be favored in the quest for skilled people in the country. Most of them have earned the way to the country through green cards and spent more than five years in the country. If the plan for offering permanent legal status is effected, it would effectively create a second class of citizenship but will not earn full rights of a citizen in United States (Nelson, 2013). This will cause diminish multi cauterization for some people will not be accepted in some of the communities. However, these divisions in United States will destabilize the countries growth in terms of power and technology.
When people are offered the pathway to citizen in United States, this will encourage terrorist in the country. This will be encouraged by the crude division of the people in the country hence creating vulnerable risks in the country. In the permanent legal status that has been advocated by those in search to incorporate the way to citizenship leaves most of the people in the country permanent separated in classes. This however limits their interaction hence giving most of the people in lowly placed classes to look for alternatives for survival (Anonymous 46). In their effort to cushion their existence in the country will prompt into illegal deals by sponsoring other illegal immigrants in the country. Their idea in the country is to lobby and obtain important documents or money for their survival. Possible terrorist attacks will be popular in the country by illegal immigrants whose motive is to cause unrest to the country. As a result, the state government will not be stable in providing services to the people but will be hunting for the terrorist in the country hence leaving most of the country’s obligation.
Studies show that giving passing the immigration bill will require the country to elect special people who will reform it in order include the illegal immigrants in the country. As such, this will require a lot of billions and a lot of time in reforming the bill for the benefit of the country. Most of the people in the country have engaged in debates about the bill with some of them opposing its reform while others are proposing it. This difference in the desires of citizens as well as the illegal immigrants will cause the government to spend a lot of money in looking for th...
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