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Harris County Judge Ed Emmett Essay (Essay Sample)


the biggest take-away from Judge Emmett's comments? It must be related to public administration.


1. What is your biggest take-away from Judge Emmett's comments? It must be related to public administration.
The growing population of people in unincorporated areas offers a challenge in the county as to how to provide for them. Unincorporated areas have limited funding options, relying on property tax revenue alone, which is not enough to cater for the residents who have relocated in the area. Harris County in particular, whose population growth is almost that of the City of Houston. The only source of revenue for the rising health care cost is from property revenue. The voting rights act is a piece of the legislation that seeks to prohibit racial discrimination in voting.
The federal rights voting act has impacted annexation of the Harris County, which would give the county full control and the property and sales taxes from the unincorporated area annexed. The legislation has made it difficult for the area to annex, because it would bring voters from unincorporated Harris County, reducing the minority voting strength in the city.  Annexation of the unincorporated regions would help improve commercial growth by creating sales tax revenue. The revenue collected would be used to fund infrastructure projects which would in future prevent catastrophic events such as the recently experienced hurricane Harvey in Harris County.
2. What course material did you find applicable or relevant to the Judge's comments. Identify at least three and briefly explain the link. Again brevity is important.
Collaborative and managerial behaviour is

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