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Do Environmental Laws Really Promote a Cleaner Environment? (Essay Sample)

This essay discusses the importance of environmental laws in promoting a clean environment. The main argument is that these laws are good for environmental sanitation if they are enforced properly. the main point is that the laws discourage people from polluting the environment absurdly. it concludes by stating that environmental protection agencies can use the laws to coerce manufacturers and consumers to live a pollution-free life. source..
Student’s Name Professor Course Date Do Environmental Laws Really Promote a Cleaner Environment? Environmental laws are necessary tools for bolstering environmental cleanliness. Apparently, nearly every state in the world has national environmental regulations that provide the legal framework for environmental protection and conservation. This means that people acknowledge environmental laws for their indispensable role in fostering environmentally safe human practices. Environmental laws promote a cleaner environment: when enforced appropriately, they minimize human activities that pollute the environment. Environmental laws discourage people from polluting their surroundings. Makwara and Magudu argue that when actionable environmental laws are enforced efficiently, they hinder the tendency of recklessly getting rid of waste among consumers and producers (70). Barsalau and Picard provide evidence that proper disposal of waste minimizes the volume of freely-occurring hazardous pollutants on the terrestrial, underground, and aquatic environments hence leading to cleaner surroundings (888). For example, Coke, Pepsi, and Nestle—all beverage companies—were sued in 2020 for causing plastic pollution contrary to the United States’ Resource Conservation and Recovery Act. As a result, the companies devised plans to capture empty plastic bottles thus causing a significant reduction in plastic waste along the Coastline (Maljean-Dubois and Mayer 210). Overall, this case presents evidence that environmental laws help in reducing pollution and promoting a cleaner surrounding. To sum up, this discussion has accentuated the role of environmental laws in promoting a cleaner environment and has emphasized that actionable environmental regulations can be used to discourage people from littering the environment. The presented case study suggests that environmental protection agencies and activists can use these laws to coerce manufacturers and consumers to handle their waste sustainably. In controlling the sources of pollutants, the laws prevent the irresponsible generation of an unmanageable volume of waste and its subsequent disposal in undesignated areas. One future prediction is...
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