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Homeland Department Security (Essay Sample)


The actual instructions were; Aviation continues to be the target of choice. Where and how might the next attack be directed, as we have had suicide missions (9-11) and facilities targeted? The instructor needs an essay to be written on homeland security regarding terrorism. First, the writer needs to understand previous attacks on us soil to offer a prediction on possible terrorists' next target.


How and where the Next Attack might be directed in America according to Homeland Department Security.
Concerning the deadliest airline attack on September eleventh, 2001, the Department of Homeland security was founded. The primary mission was to deal with and punish the terrorists for protecting the country against any terrorist attack. Such kinds of attacks originate from misguided ideologies possessed by the attackers towards the attacked country. DHS defined different terrorist attacks as likely to face America and developed strategies to protect the nation. Among them were threats targeting the U.S. economy, cyber threats, and foreign influence on the U.S. (Harte, 20)

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