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Understanding Elephant Trunks Could be a Breakthrough for Robotics (Essay Sample)


Assignment Brief:
One of the things I appreciate most about the field of biology is how relevant its topics are to every day life. Nearly every time I open a news page, I see some headline that reminds me of this. For this discussion topic, your job is to do a news search for an article that's relevant to biology. Start by scanning the general news sites. Your initial post should contain the title of the news article that you found and the complete url so that the other students in the class can view it by clicking on the link. Write at least 10 sentences summarizing the news article and tell us why it is relevant to everyday life? after the summary of the article chose. Tell us How could this news affect you or others? write one page. Your article have to be relevant to biology and how it affects everyday life.


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Understanding Elephant Trunks Could be a Breakthrough for Robotics (>)
Biology has been, is, and will be at the center stage of everyday life. In the article, Kent provides an insight into the anticipated breakthrough for robotics by studying the elephant trunk. The elephant trunk is a delicate, flexible, and yet massively vital important organ of its body. Researchers have been marvelled at the diversity in a combination of movements of the elephant trunks, thus serving as an inspiration in the creation of next-generation bio-inspired robotics.
Classical robots are efficient in executing predesigned tasks. Deviating from the predesigned duties results in massive failures. The data collected from elephant trunks using motion mapping technology borrowed from the film industry provides vital insights into this project. African Savanna and Forest Elephants face extinction from habitat loss and poaching fueled by the illegal ivory trade. The research also generates awareness on elephant conservation.
Nature conservation measures are an ordinary everyday life fact. The attempt to heal the world is a daily norm in our lives. The invention of bio-inspired robotics goes a long way in preaching the anthem of conservation provides us with the necessary motivation to employ wildlife conservation measures. Once again, the d

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