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The Refugees of War (Essay Sample)


The assignment required me to watch several PBS coverage on refugees. After watching the PBS coverage on refugees [found in the module materials for this week], a reflection on the given prompt questions was required to be completed. Further, the instructor needed additional references to help in completing the reflection.


The Refugees of War
From what countries / nations / nation-states are these people fleeing?
The refugees are fleeing from Asian countries such as Syria and turkeyTo which nation-states are they fleeing?
To European countries; Greece, Portugal, and GermanyDoes the U.N. Declaration of Human Rights mention anything about refugees? If so, cite the text. If not, what should be added to the Declaration? [UN_DOHR_eng.pdf]
Yes. Asylum seekers and immigrants and their rights are included in the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights (UNDHR) article 14. It asserts that "Everyone has the right to seek and to enjoy in other countries asylum from persecution" (OHCHR 4). In essence, this right has a direct link to Holocaust events. Thousands of individuals have obtained life-saving refuge as foreigners under Article 14, have regularly returned home when the threat has passed, and have been able to rebuild their lives. Some have received a friendly welcome, allowing them to contribute to the development of their new communities. And some may be able to remain permanently in the nations where they sought sanctuary.
According to U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Gutierrez, it is impossible to refrain people from leaving their homelands to save their lives. The only thing that can be done is to handle their arrivals as humanely as possible as the host country. Consequently, the emergence of international refugee law and norms in human rights result in a commitment to protect persons compelled to seek asylum. The reception of asylum seekers, subsequent care, and asylum status award are critical components of the international human rights system. The foundation of UNHCR's mission is to protect, ensure, and improve fundamental rights.

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