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Global Warming is Real Life Sciences Essay Research (Essay Sample)


The task required the writer to show that global warming is real. It was an argumentative essay to prove global warming is real. the amount of pages required was two to three pages


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Global Warming is Real
Global warming is a critical factor that threatens all forms of life on earth. The earth faces long-lasting, far-reaching, and devastating consequences due to global warming. Global warming occurs because of human activities that generate greenhouse gases. Despite many controversies about the evidence of global warming, rising sea levels and global temperatures, warming of oceans, glacial retreat, ocean acidification, and shrinking sheets of ice prove that global warming is real.
Increased temperatures in the world provide evidence about global warming. Average global temperatures have increased by approximately 0.80C in the last hundred years. Since 1895, the year with record-breaking temperatures was 2016. The temperature of the earth’s surface was 0.990C warmer than the average temperatures. Temperatures have continued to increase globally due to global warming. Extreme weather conditions are results of global warming. While global warming leads to the hottest summers, it also causes extreme cold winters. Climate changes lead to polar jet streams to undergo a south migration, which causes the cold effect. Lighting incidences increase as global temperatures continue to increase (Bal et al.).

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