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Health and environmental hazards Life Sciences Essay (Essay Sample)


Basically look for health and environmental hazards caused by a hygiene product such as Colgate Toothpaste.


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Health and environmental hazards caused by dental floss essay
Imagine even after years of being dead, the body of a human being is found and all that is left are the human teeth, why? It is because of the care that the person took of their teeth while they were living, they utilized the precaution methods that they were educated on and the person ensured good oral hygiene. Educating the old and younger generations on good oral hygiene is an essential role that ensures promotion of strong teeth even in a later age. Dental flossing is one way for ensuring that our teeth are clean. Although flossing teeth is beneficial and is referred as an extra step taken to maintaining good oral hygiene, dental flosses have negative impacts to the health of the users and to the environment. This paper will look at the composition of the oral B dental flosses, their hazards to the users as well as the to the environment.
The key ingredients of dental floss include; nylon, Teflon and synthetic wax. Nylon which is not only plastic but also petroleum based, takes a long time to breakdown in landfill and globally, a lot of dental floss is used that that it can circle the globe several times. Teflon is the other product that is used in making dental floss. Perfluorooctanoic Acid (PFOA) utilized in the assembling of Teflon items and restricted by 2015, separates inconclusively in the earth's environment. Teflon stows away in numerous spots and keeping in mind that specialists state the off-gassing just happens on high temperatures and with its abuse, its bio-accumulator threat should not be ignored. Synthetic wax is the final product and is used to cover the dental floss surface. Our bodies don't have the foggiest idea how to separate synthetic wax and no one has an idea in our planet

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