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Importance of Effective Listening (Essay Sample)


The essay question was: why is effective listening more important than talking?


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Importance of Effective Listening
Most people generally lose their ability to understand and retain information in longer oral presentations. This predilection affirms the long-held perception that people are inherently inefficient listeners. Models employed to augment learning capabilities are usually focused on identifying and eliminating disruptions that may deter meaningful learning. However, talking is as critical in ensuring effective education as these disruptions. The conceptualization of effective learning is aimed at delineating the critical inhibiting factors germane to speaking that deter paying attention actively and, by extension, practical learning. Also, this understanding upholds the vitality of the speaker in not only delivering information but also enhancing the learning experience. Even though listening actively may slow down a conversation, effective listening is more important than talking because it helps connect ideas and show respect and appreciation.
Fundamentally, active listening improves the connectivity of speakers and learners in a discussion. Good attendance does not necessarily imply being silent throughout a conversation—It also entails periodically asking questions that promote insight and discovery (Zenger and Folkman). Probing supplements physical cues of heeding such as nodding, assuring the orator that a person has 

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