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Identifying the Judicial Review (Essay Sample)




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The Judicial Review
Judicial review entails the power mandated to the courts to determine the viability of different legislative acts in line with the Constitution. Thus, this is a legal tool that aids in measuring the Intra vires and the ultra vires components affecting these decrees. Kramer & Larry, (132-168) state that these reviews are conducted in cases to assess if the administrative and the executive verdicts applied on the cases are against the constitutional powers, and if so, they are ruled to be void.
The judicial review is not an independent constitutional element used to enforce the law; rather, it primarily acts as the revision of a sentence or decree against the ruling of an inferior court by a superior one. Based on the American Constitution, it is considered to be acts of appeals or revisions, which is different from the other procedural laws of the land. However, the judicial review has a great impact on the public law, especially in government structures that rely on courts as the arms of amending the constitution and extending power to different constitutional policies (Kramer & Larry, 132-168). Such rules can be considered to be valid if they adhere to the components of the Constitution and void if they prove to be unconstitutional.

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