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Essay Writing Assignment About The Elements Of Organization (Essay Sample)


To wriTe an essay on the eLements of organization.

Elements of Organization.
1 The business that I have just opened is the manufacturing of natural beauty products. I have selected this busied as it combines subjects that I am both knowledgeable and passionate about. I believe my expertise combined with my passion will contribute to the overall success of the business, and that because the business focuses on things I already have knowledge on, it will make it easier for me to run the operations ad to further ensure that the business operates successfully.
I am passionate about finding alternatives to products and services that promote and foster the preservation of the environment and also eliminate the use of harmful substances that are not suitable for the body and eventually cause harmful effects overtime. Furthermore, I am passionate about beauty products, more especially those products that are designed to promote healthy skin. The skin is the largest organ on the body, and it is a known fact that overtime skin tends to age and will look less desirable as time goes by. However, there are various solutions to this, one of which is what my business concept will be developed on, the manufacturing of natural beauty products. The products will include both skincare products such as face cleansers, toners, scrubs, masks, moisturizers and serums. It will also include natural products for cleansing and moisturizing the body, and will also include the manufacturing of make-up. All of this will be manufactured using a combination of natural elements such as water, pot ash, various natural oils such as tea-tee oil, olive oil, argan oil and coconut oil. Other natural substances, that assist in the preservation of skin and promote healthy skin such as aloe vera, apple cider, coco butter and shea butter. All these products are natural, and no additives or preservative will be added to the products, this will mean the products will be enjoyed in the very natural state of the oils, minerals and substances that are used in the process of manufacturing these products, To further promote the use of natural products which are less harmful not only to the skin and body, but the environment as well; the products will be packaged in bio degradable materials that can be recycled and are biodegradable, and therefore even when they are discarded the y have no adverse effect on the environment around us. The products will be sold online, and there will be no physical store therefore once the customer makes the purchase online, they can have the products delivered to the specified address.
The cosmetics manufacturing industry generates hundreds of billions of dollars in revenue in the United States, and much of the market share is absorbed by 5 large corporations, with smaller companies enjoying a smaller market share. Furthermore, the industry experiences a relatively steady growth of 4% each year. Most of the products manufactured and available are not manufactured with a conscience for the environment and the business I will embark on will appeal to a market currently under served.
The functions of organization will affect the business in the following manner.
1 Organizing
This function is important to the organization as the process and resources of the business will need to be properly organized to ensure the business meets its objectives. Furthermore, this function is the main function of the business and success in this function will allow the business to operate efficiently and effectively.
2 Financing
Financing of the business is imperative because the lack of financing will prohibit the business from commencing. This function will affect the business because the business will not achieve economy of scales in its operations as it is still a smaller business and care must be taken to ensure inputs are deployed efficiently.
3 Production
This function is important as the business is in the manufacturing industry and raw materials must be deployed efferently to ensure that the production function is efficient and maximises the available resources.
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