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Explain How You Will Manage Your Credit Management Essay (Essay Sample)


Credit card management


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 Explain how you will manage your credit
A Credit card is a card given by financial institutions to clients. These card owners enjoy various privileges, like borrowing money to buy goods and services from multiple sellers that allow customers to pay using credit cards. To manage one's credit, you choose a credit card that is the best for your circumstances. I will go for a card that has a low rate of interest, gives rewards and other privileges. I would compare the merits and demerits of various credit cards to get the best card for me. Paying my monthly balance on time will be vital to put up a good credit score.
Change the way you use credit cards
Several methods have led to changing the way one uses credits cards though most of which are pioneered by technology. For example, using the mobile phone, one can withdraw money from a credit or debit account using the specific mobile banking app for that bank. I can also combine my payments; for example, in the US, a smart card is used to merge all the accounts of an individual that is gift cards, debit cards, credit cards, etc. in this one card. One chooses the card they want to use from a touch screen installed on the card. Credit cards these days are equipped with near field communication, e.g., master-card pay-pass. The card approves payments when held closer to a pay-pass terminal.

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