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Labour Relations Management Essay Research Paper Coursework (Essay Sample)


the instructions were to write an essay about the critical role of the labor relations act and its application in organizations.
The sample talks about employees place at the workplace what they deserve in terms of work environment and treatment in relation to the labor relations act


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Labour Relations
Labour relations explains how the employees relate with the employer at the workplace. The company's management is sure that the employees are the crucial resource in the production process; therefore, they should be well managed. This calls for the existence of good relations between the employer and the employees. The employees play a more significant part in realizing the company's goals and set objectives (Finnemore, 2002). Hence, the management must ensure that the employees remain motivated and thus productive. This is possible by offering the right working conditions, excellent remuneration and working terms and conditions, and job satisfaction. This is well stipulated in the Labour Relations Act. This paper will espouse on the critical roles of the Act and its application in the organization.

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