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Food Security and Management Management Essay Paper (Essay Sample)


food security
feeding an hungry nation
pest control


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Portfolio Assignment 10
Feeding a hungry world
Solutions to the world problem of Hunger
* Reducing Wastage of Food
* Pest Control
* Proper Food Storage
* Promotion of Gender Equality
* Donations of Food
* Urban Farming
* Accessibility to education
* Political stability
* Provision of Birth Control Education
Feeding a Hungry World
Even though the world produces food that feeds billions of people, everyday people still go hungry. The world still looks forward to attaining the goal of eradicating hunger by the year 2030. Hunger solutions are both complex and simple. The tangible interventions are the simplest because they are phases which can be taken easily. The following remedies can be taken to help eradicate hunger in the world;
Reducing Wastage of Food
Presently, billions of tons of food produced in the world is wasted. In the process of producing this wasted food, there are other resources that are natural, which are wasted. Fighting food wastage could be a fundamental change. Every individual could be part of this movement by simply plummeting wasting their own food.

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