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A Great Example Of Leadership Today: Elon Musk And Ellen Degeneres (Essay Sample)


The task was about leadership and the traits leaders have that help them have an impact on others. the task required the writer to take two leaders and analyze them in detail.
the sample analyzed elon musk and ellen degeneres as leaders

Name: Professor’s Name: Course: Date: LEADERSHIP TODAY: ELON MUSK AND ELLEN DEGENERES Leadership can mean many things in this day and age, but the basic leader is one who creates a vision for the future and inspires people towards the fulfillment of those visions. When you think of a person who has a vision for the future, the first person that comes to mind is the person that sees a future where humans will inhabit planet Mars, Elon Reeve Musk. The man has so much vision people at times think he is crazy. He wants to achieve extraordinary goals, and he has people behind him who follow him. For people who idolize leaders, who look at them as role models there is no better candidate than Ellen DeGeneres. Elon and Ellen are two different people in the different field with Elon into Physics and programming and Ellen a celebrity who stands out (Nicholson). Celebrities today are a pile of controversies which makes Ellen stand out amidst all this offering leadership and direction not only to those around her but every little girl out there with a dream. Her show, The Ellen Show is a popular show watched by millions of people worldwide. Being in the entertainment industry shows feature comedians, politicians and the like to meet the demands of people. Ellen mixes it up, recently hosted Kai Langer who is four years old and sings. Her interview not only uplifted the young soul but also reached out to the hearts of young people all over the world who have dreams and showed them that everything is possible. Elon Musk may not have his show, but he has made efforts to reach out to the world to inspire them. He has accepted interviews in shows, and his famous speech at USC Marshall School of Business shows his selflessness and his desire to inspire young people. Another aspect of leadership is portrayed by the person one is with his or her employees. One employee at SpaceX described the events when one of their launches was unsuccessful, and Elon Musk came in and inspired them telling them he will never give up and asked for their support needless to say the next launch Falcon1 was a successful launch. Had he not stepped in at that vital moment when everyone was giving up, the company would not be where it is today but thanks to his grit and determination and his ability to step up when everyone else is down SpaceX is now planning to take human beings to Mars! Liz Jackson who was Ellen’s production assistant describes the years working with Ellen as the best as she learned to be her authentic self and came out of the closet to her parents. Ellen closes her shows with the statement “Be kind to one another” which her DJ Stephen Boss describes her humility and kindness to people all around her (Ellis, 2017). In another test of leadership, Ellen proves to be the standout leader in her support for families with difficulties. She recently contributed $10,000 to the wedding of a breast-cancer survivor who was a fan of her show and derived motivation from her talks during her chemotherapy sessions. Her coverage of noble people in the world including the formerly homeless man who owns Rock Power pizza that provides for homeless people. Her generosity was it to be measured by money would be at $50 million having donated to charities and needy individuals. Elon Musk has not been left out on this front. He is a humble person who carefully avoids lavish lifestyle opting to lead a simple life. The man is a philanthropist being part of the MUSK foundation that seeks to help victims in disaster areasThe hurricane victims in Puerto Rico are one example of a project Elon Musk has undertaken to help bring power back to the area while not only using his resources but also donating $250,000 towards the cause. (Stillman). Regarding making the world a better place as a leader, Elon Musk is top of the list. He has actualized and implemented the idea of electric cars which are not emitting gases and polluting the environment through Tesla Motors. He has also tapped into solar energy which is not only cheap and affordable especially to poor families but has helped tap into a resource that was previously unused. On top of all these, he talks of colonizing Mars and living there. Experts claim that global warming is at such a high rate that the water levels are threatening to rise and endanger the lives of human beings. The idea at the moment seems crazy but so were electric cars back in the ninety’s, maybe human beings may have to live on Mars after all. Ellen on the other hand apart from entertaining people has touched the hearts of many by helping the needy and inspiring people. She makes people famous in her shows, and they go ahead and impact the world. Children who came to her show a long time ago have turned stars and are making it in life living better lives. At a time when homosexuality was forbidden, and no one dared talk about it, Ellen risked it all and came out. She was not ashamed of who she was and was tired of hiding, of people talking behind her back. She would not live a life of secrecy and pretending to be someone she was not. Following her actions...
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