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Why Support Low-Level Employees at Workplaces (Essay Sample)


Foreign Labor and Employee Rights Argument Paper We will be using “The Walmart You Don’t Know,” as the basis of the argument papersTHE WHOLE PAPER REVOLVES AROUND THIS QUESTION BELOW - Should low-level employees at companies like Amazon, Walmart, etc. be granted better wages, benefits and working conditions? III.) Requirements of the Paper * Provide a focused thesis statement. * Develop relevant supporting details. * One idea must lead logically into the next. * Acknowledge and refute the opposition. * Do not fall prey to the logical fallacies. * Adhere to MLA citation rules. * Include an introduction, a body and a conclusion. * The paper must be free of sentence-level errors. * Write for a formal audience. The paper needs to be at least 750 words (three pages). The Works Cited page does not count toward the word requirement. Three sources are required. “The Walmart You Don’t Know,” does not count as sources; however, you may cite from them
CC: use 3 sources aside the walmart you dont know but use that one as well.


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Why support Low-level employees at workplaces
Low-level employees play a significant role in workplaces by helping the organization achieve its objectives by running their daily operational activities smoothly and effectively. Creating and maintaining a good relationship with your employees determines the organization's failure or success due to the employee's values and well-being. Hence, being supportive of low-level employees is one of the efficient organizational strategies that will help them in achieving their objectives more effective, thus creating benefits for the organization and its stakeholders, such as increasing organizational performance and productivity, improving job satisfaction, reducing turnover, increasing job interest, there is the key asset of the company, and have a huge influence over customers.
Employers that value their employees at the workplace increase organizational performance and productivity. When an employee feels valued and has a sense of belonging in the organization, performance is better by doing the duties diligently and passionately. The organization's productivity increases when an employee performs better and more efficiently, increasing the organizational revenue and making more profits. However, employees lose interest in the workplace when they feel they are operating in a toxic environment, which lowers their performance and affects the organization's productivity (Rasool et al., 7). Therefore, employees' support and well-being play a significant role in determining the

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