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Application of Nietzsche’s Thoughts on Daily Life Psychology Essay (Essay Sample)


How Nietzsche's thoughts apply contemporarily in human daily lives


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Application of Nietzsche’s Thoughts on Daily Life
The contemplation behind Nietzsche’s philosophy projects the meaning of values and their importance to existence. Regarding nature, Friedrich Nietzsche emphasizes that humans are composed with a development stage that is not final but transitional. Subsequently, living can never get too complacent or become gratified with their accomplishments without putting their claim of being human at risk. This retrospective paper seeks to analyze how Nietzsche’s thoughts on genealogy, the eternal return, will to power, and the overman bear on daily life.
Nietzschean genealogy institutes a radical critiquing concerning the knowledge origins from three different angles through the exploration of power and body. He presents genealogy as being parodic, opposes the idea of history as recognition or reminiscence, and is directed against what is real (Nietzsche, p. 95). He provides genealogy on the routine modern days’ morality conception. Philosophical texts and histories usually trace several facets of everyday life back to a particular principle, event, or instead linearly track through time evolution concept. For instance, impacts of economic, social, and political life can be traced from Jesus’ crucifixion by historians.

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