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Effect of caffeine on cognitive functions Psychology Essay (Essay Sample)


Effect of caffeine on cognitive functions'


Effect of caffeine on cognitive functions'
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From the previous researches, it has been noted that there are various aspects that individuals do not have a better understanding of them. It has been noted that the eating behavior that individuals embrace have different forms of the implications that are not well-known to them. It is argued that whatever individuals do eat usually makes them different in terms of the mental capacities. Some of such food substances that individuals eat and do change their mental capacity is Caffeine amongst other forms of the food substances or drugs (James, 2014). Researchers have depicted that the frequency of which individuals do take the caffeine do dictate the associated effects on the cognitive functions of an individual. In other words, there is an associated effect that is witnessed with the caffeine in terms of the memorizing of certain aspects in the individual’s mind. In this essay, the major emphasis would be on the argument concerning the effect of caffeine on the cognitivism of a certain individual.
In reference to the study that was done by Kara, Patlar, Stoffregen & Erkmen (2018), it has been realized that there is a great impact that are witnessed with the use of caffeine by individuals. The impact had been noted as the co-morbidity’s knowledge during the different forms of the display of the different operations of an individual’s cognitive. The research also offered a detailed information regarding the caffeine impact on the functioning of cognitivism. To get better understanding the effects of cognitivism effect by the caffeine, there was an evaluation that mainly made use of the reiterations in order to evaluate lasting retentions and the temporary remembrance of an individual. Throughout the study, it was realized that use of caffeine to some extent contributes to an increase in the ability of an individual to easily acquire and retain the taught concepts in the minds. For explanation, the research concluded that caffeine usually attributes to an increase in some part of brain and hence make the brain cells be active thus increasing the ability for memorizing a context received in the brain.

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