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Motivated Reasoning (Essay Sample)


Psychology plays a pivotal role in the way people behave since it explains how people reason. one of the forms of reasoning is motovated reasoning. motivated reasoning explains how people argue in favor of their interests. although such an argument benefits them, it does not always prove to eb the correct approach of reasoning.


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Motivated Reasoning
People are bound to reasoning since they have brains. However, we have several forms of reasoning. Motivated reasoning is one of the reasoning forms. Motivated reasoning is a form of reasoning where people access, construct and evaluate arguments to endorse their preferred conclusion. Therefore, it is a biased reasoning form. Moreover, the word "motivated" in motivated reasoning illustrates the fact that individuals use strategies of reasoning that will allow them to come up with conclusions that they would want.
Nonetheless, people will not always seek to be biased and draw conclusions that they would want. They also draw accurate conclusions. Therefore, motivated reasoning is only when an individual draws a conclusion they would want (Galef). It could also mean drawing an accurate conclusion. It all depends on who one is and how they reason to come up or draw their conclusions. Information also plays a critical role in perceiving different situations as they seek to process and draw conclusions.
Severally, we have heard the saying that goes like, “A man hears what he wants to hear and disregard the rest.” The same case applies to reasoning (Galef). They do so by drawing their preferred conclusion while maintaining the illusion that they did so objectively. This aspect is referred to as the illusion of objectivity. Nevertheless, this takes place unconsciously and automatically. All this is due to emotions. Emotions distort cognition in predictable ways.
Indubitably, motivated reasoning may be perceived in various settings. Its vital trigger would be a confrontation with a particular threat to an individual (Galef). Seconds before such a threat, one may be seeking to attain the most accurate conclusion as opposed to achieving a preferred one. However, when a threat strikes, all that changes. One would then start seeking the preferred conclusion in an effort to save themselves.
Different reasons would make motivated reasoning occur. For instance, different forms of conclusions may invoke motivated reasoning (Galef). Unarguably, the first of all would be the one that would seek to bolster one's self-esteem. Individuals always want to be associated with exemplary test results while constructing motivated reasoning in explaining bad test results. People do this for upholding their self-serving belief showing how intelligent they are.
Another reason why motivated reasoning could occur is when one seeks to draw conclusions that would help them be optimistic about their future (Galef). A significant example is smokers. Smokers will mostly engage in motivated reasoning dispelling scientific evidence suggesting that smoking is adverse to one's general health.

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