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To what extent consumer need for self-esteem shape product design? (Essay Sample)


EE plan
RQ:To what extent consumer need for self-esteem shape product design?

Piece A:consumer psychology is a important brach from psychology, it research about consumer’s behavior regularity and psychology phenomenon , consumer psychology include mental process of consumer, characteristic of different consumer, what is main factor that effect customer’s decision, how dose social environment effect consumer’s main.
PieceB: product design is the detailed specification of a manufactured item's parts and their relationship to the whole. A product design needs to take into account how the item will perform its intended functionality in an efficient, safe and reliable manner. The product also needs to be capable of being made economically and to be attractive to targeted consumers.
Theory1:Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs
Theory2: Self-Determination Theory (SDT)
Theory3: Sociometer Theory
Theory4: Global self-esteem(Harter, 1993, p.88 as cited in Kling et al., 1999)
To what extent consumer need for self-esteem shape product design?
Argument : self esteem in teenage consumers play a large role in product design
ReasonA : consumer psychology can help to give a clearly target during product design, only the product that fit most customer’s test( color, function) can become the dominate in the market.
Counter argument : other small group of consumer they might don’t have different taste with public but they still have strong purchasing power, company can not ignore their opinion.
ReasonB : consumer psychology help business to divide different level of product/ service, for example, for the rich people the always buy the luxury goods and they don’t really care about the function of the product because all they want the the brand . On the other side for the poor people, the won’t care about the function about product, what they want just the cheapest one.
Counter argument:Consumer will always show “Not satisfied , or refuse” for the product price, if only follow customer’s idea to change the operation ,company must lower the price, if did that , it will loss the net profit from profit. Let customer be gratified is not equal to be content (with) their requirement.
To sum up, consumer psychology play a very important role of company’s strategy , include consumer’s behavior regularity and psychology phenomenon , consumer psychology , mental process of consumer. Enough customer research can bring valuable research result for company , tell them how to analyze customer value, analyze customer’s demand , set up more suitable price or service base on customer’s self-esteem. However ,in recent years “ customer is god” this concept boost market development and it bring a few negative effect: company don’t consider enough , blind follow customer taste to change. Customer’s demand is changing every day, it is not possible to fill all , even some demand is should not to be fill.
- what is consumer psychology ?
- What is product design, how many factor involve In product design
- What is consumer self-self-esteem need?
- RQ
- What will be the strategy for my essay.
- Literature review…meta-analysis
4 argument with four theory (with discussion argument)
- Teengers
- Men
- Women
- Support with different theory
- Conclusion (balance perspective , implication )
Back from the conclusion


Student’s Name
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To What Extent Consumer Need for Self-Esteem Shape Product Design?
Consumer needs for self-esteem have always influenced product design. The interrelationship between the two goes considerable depth such that manufacturers are now producing good in accordance to the consumer needs. Consumer needs are the things they want to be present in products and services (Spacey par 1). Self-esteem is an individual’s feeling of worth or value or how one appreciates and likes themselves. Product design is the process by which manufacturers imagine and develop goods to meet the needs of the end user. For product design to be successful, the designer should aim at knowing what the consumer wants. Through that, the designer can design products that will solve the problem the consumers are experiencing. They can only achieve this through understanding and knowing customer habits, frustration, behaviors, needs, and wants.
The product design process follows a particular criterion; this criterion may vary depending on the organization. Despite that, the standard approach the process goes through is, understands the people, knowing their problem or need, formulating a solution to their problem. Creating a sample product or prototype, and the final step is testing if the solution works.

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