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Success in life Psychology Essay Research Paper Coursework (Essay Sample)


Examining whether success is a product of chance or hard work


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Successful life through careful planning or chance
The question about whether success in life is a product of taking risks and chances or careful planning draws much controversy. The opposing sides of this debate present strong arguments to support their perspectives. On one end, risk-takers cite the uncertainty of the business world as a perfect example of a situation where chance determines the profitability of entrepreneurs (Papke-Shields and Boyer-Wright 174). Their claim seems plausible because investors must take risks to make profits. On the other hand, careful planning is widely acknowledged as a more practical approach to achieving success. In any performance setting, the participants who prepare adequately by designing and implementing plans mitigate the risks of failure and augment their efficiency. Careful planning is an ideal strategy for achieving success in life compared to relying on luck

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