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K.L. Seshagiri Rao's Conversion: A Gandhian Perspective (Essay Sample)


This work required the writer to analyze an article by K. L Seshagiri Rao. The article gives insight into religion and conversion from Mahatma Gandhi’s perspective.

K.L. Seshagiri Rao’s “Conversion: A Gandhian Perspective,” précis
In this article, K. L Seshagiri Rao gives insight into religion and conversion from Mahatma Gandhi’s perspective. This article explains the life and teachings of Mahatma Gandhi, and how he resisted conversion to Christianity. Gandhi travelled around the world in search of spiritual truth. He wanted to remove all doubts about spiritual disharmony and understand about the true conversion and religious traditions of different faiths.
The author of the article explains that Mahatma Gandhi had an immense psychological struggle concerning spiritual matters. Gandhi was motivated by religion, and it is because of this that he traversed the entire globe in search of answers in his mind. Despite being of the Hindu faith, at no point did Gandhi consider any religion to be better than the other. What drove Gandhi was the search for religious truths. The author further explains that Gandhi was tolerant to other religious cults. He embraced what the others believed in, as this enabled him to advance his knowledge in religion and later pass this knowledge to others. In a time when many Hindus were converted to Christianity, Gandhi remained steadfast in his faith.
His visits around the world further enhanced his knowledge about religion. His visit to England from 1888 exposed him to...
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