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Response about Lutheranism and Catholicism (Essay Sample)

A response to the chapters discussing Lutheranism and Catholicism in the books, \"The World\'s Religions\" by Huston Smith and \"Religions of the World\" by Elizabeth Breuilly, Martin Palmer and Joanne O\'Brien. source..
Name Instructor Course Date Response about Lutheranism and Catholicism Lutheranism is a branch of western Christianity based on the teachings of Martin Luther. Luther made concerted efforts to reform the theology and practice of the church by launching the Protestant Reformation. Catholicism, on the other hand, refers to churches and Christians belonging to the Catholic Church in communion with the Holy See. The two brands of Christianity have various similarities and differences between them. Lutheranism and Catholicism share many similarities. First, both are sacramental churches. The Catholic Church partakes of seven sacraments, including baptism, reconciliation, confirmation, communion and holy orders among others (Breuilly, O'Brien & Palmer, p. 43). The Lutheran church also observes baptism and Holy Communion. Secondly, both believe in trans-substantiation. This occurs during the Holy Communion when bread and wine are consecrated to represent the body and blood of Christ. This is a mystery of faith and follows the command given by Christ Himself. However, the bread and wine remains bread and wine. There are some differences between Lutheranism and Catholicism. Whereas Lutheranism is based on the teachings and ideas of Martin Luther, Catholicism has its foundation in Jesus Christ. Lutheranism is relatively new compared to Catholicism. This is because Lutheranism splinted from the Catholic Church, which was initially referred to as the mother church. Attempts by Luther reform the...
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