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Religion & Theology
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Religion and theology (Essay Sample)

The sample is about foundation of Christianity in modern society source..
Name Professor Course Date The fundamental foundation of the church in a society cuts across both the younger and older generation. Moreover, the older generation ought to be ready to undertake ministry to the relatively younger generation devoid of any question concerning the direction the ministry. There is lack of understanding among the younger and older results to conflicts in conducting the operation of the gospel ministry of church (MacDonald, 96). Even though the older generation is concern with the question the direction of the younger individuals, it ought to yield the threshold that the younger generation feels require to reach its own generation. Both generations should appreciate the contribution of everyone within the ongoing ministry of the church that does not contradict the real experience of the favorable outcome. There exist no infusions of doctrinal exertion couple with the theological error which pass most positive manner. These positive manners are applicable devoid of grasping some of the underlying fundamental weaknesses of the church in modeling the both generation in Church. The theological errors are found in a section of the renowned purpose Driven leaders. Wrong modeling in church results from opposition of objectives amongst the older and the younger generation in the church which originate from spiritual underdeveloped, selfish and ignorance. Thus, there is a need within the Discovery Group to concur with the pastor`s neutral and ideologies (MacDonald, 96). Pastor's ideas mainly rely on wisdom, patience and never sturdily braved by individuals within the church.The name changing procedure in church changes very poorly since it solely takes dual years of discussion, which concur to implement eighty percent of the plan with the majority votes of the pastor's votes. Nevertheless, they decline to abide by the own underlying rules because of their failure to attain own wants. Younger generation at the expense of the older generation is chosen to maintain within the membership which result to division in the church. Pastor ought to follow the outline rules of a simple majority instead of politics in order to get his objectives that might result to massive division within the Church. Utilization of innovative technology aids in the positive progress within Church thus few populaces in both generations oppose it (MacDonald, 76). The sound systems, some canned, power points, projection screens and background music are embrace in enhancing the public service. Technology in the church will aid older generation in singing and audibility hence resulting to positive impacts. Young group normally adopts the contemporary style of worship after the underlying mission field in demonstrations of numerous things. This clearly depict that prevailing younger generation ought...
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