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Religion & Theology
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Othordox christianity Religion & Theology Essay Paper (Essay Sample)


the history of the orthodox churches in us. the rasterifans, roman and more


Orthodox Christianity
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Orthodox Christianity
Project Statement
The current project assesses the different Christian divisions and their concepts. A significant number of Christians exists in the world under different denominations. Nonetheless, many Christians do not know their history and background. Therefore, devout followers encounter challenges to understand what their follow if their religious basics are not well outlined. Most Christians and non-Christians do not understand the Christian life. This research is expected to locate the origin of the Orthodox Church. The church is holy and be treated as a sacred and divine. The information will help the young and old understand the Christian religion. I used different approaches to illustrate my findings. First, I used a collection of books and Online information. I also visited some churches to get some of the information Through questionnaires. Numerous hypothesis were used in the study, for instance, What is orthodox? What is the Orthodox Church? What are the benefits of this research? Many young Americans don't realize the origin of the churches they follow. Does this research give them a clear definition of what they need to understand? Nonetheless, the study encountered numerous limitations. First, some of the sources I used in my research had some redacted information. Thus, understanding some information was challenging, which implies that I had to leave out some of the data. Some of the people I encountered did not understand what I was asking. Moreover, other information from book sources was in local languages and translating the message was hard, costly and time-consuming.Introduction

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